Re-thinking Donald Trump and the White Supremacy Narrative

Reflections on the Republican National Convention, Black Conservatives and the Left’s Latent Racism

A big shout to the Black Republican speakers at the RNC convention. I am sure that those on the far left will be irritated when they see black or brown speakers advocating a political philosophy that is pointing 180 degrees away from them. The reactions from well-meaning white folk on the left are always entertaining to watch; their racist reactions manifest themselves magnificently when they lecture BAME Conservatives that they are on the wrong side or that they are token blacks doing the bidding of white supremacy. In fact, it is the other way round. We are right to challenge many white folk on their privilege which they may not be aware of. It is equally true to say that well-meaning activists on the left, especially white activists, are unaware of their inherent racism when they feel anger towards black and BAME Conservatives. They think that their non-white colour should determine their preference for the Democrats in the US or Labour in the UK. I have witnessed this racist thinking when I got involved with the UK Conservative Party in the mid-1990s. I was told that Conservatives were racists and that Labour was the party for Asians. The Liberal Democrats (UK’s third party which has very little influence) also played the race card with me when I stood for local elections in 2001. The left’s inherent racism unawareness played out very well on five other occasions as detailed below.

Left’s Racism Par Excellence

Candace Owens. She an outspoken black Conservative activist in the US. The white activists on left hate her so much that one white woman tweeted a drawing of a white woman covering the mouth of a black woman (who is meant to represent Owens). The drawings convey the message that sometimes you need a white anti-racist activist to shut up a black Conservative because she is apparently a white supremacist. And the left cannot see the racism here. They are blind to their racism just as many white folks are blind to their privilege. Two sides of the same coin.

Dr. Stella Immanuel. When Donald Trump promoted a black doctor, Stella Immanuel, there were criticisms of her wild views on demons. I subsequently came across a drawing of Trump consulting an African tribal voodoo witch doctor who was dressed in tribal gear and dancing. Would those of you on the left side of politics see this drawing as funny? If so, then an introduction to your latent racism is in order; in the same way many white folks have been introduced to their privilege.

Dismissal of BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) Conservatives. Here in the UK I listen to left commentators such as Kehinde Andrews, Afua Hirsh and Nels Abbey. When the Conservative government under Boris Johnson appointed the most diverse Cabinet historically, this went over the heads of these commentators. Hirsh dismissed a minister, Kemi Badenoch (from Nigeria) because she doesn’t think the way that Hirsh thought. Likewise, Andrews thought nothing much of Condolezza Rice and criticised her for shoe shopping in New York when she should have been with President Bush during the Hurricane Katrina crisis. He avoided the fact that Rice called herself out for this mistake in her biography, and he dismissed the numerous achievements she made as a high ranking and formidable adviser to President George W. Bush. This is the racism of group-think, which is an idiosyncrasy of the left.

My own experience: The UK Conservative Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic has been mixed. There were successes and there were failures. One Socialist feminist in the UK had written a post that went viral. She attacked the Government for some of its failures in the most ferocious manner. I responded in kind with a detailed outline of why she was wrong. Lo and behold, she told me to take down my post otherwise she would launch a litigation against me. My post is still up and I am waiting for that litigation. What can explain this behaviour? A white woman of the left could not handle a brown man on the right responding to every single charge.

Seeds of Anti-White Racism Being Planted: In another article, I wrote about my observation of a growing undercurrent of anti-white racism as exemplified by the knee-on-neck incident where Isaiah Jackson placed his knee on a frightened 2 yr old white toddler. The caption on the photo was ‘BLM Now MF’. There were no protests and no stern condemnation by groups supposedly protesting against racism. When I checked the social media pages of activists who had been strong in their condemnation of George Floyd’s knee-on-neck incident which led to his death, they too were silent. I wrote to Black Lives Matter about their unusual silence. There were protests after the shooting of Jacob Blake, some of which had turned violent. Unlike Floyd, Blake was a criminal with a warrant out for his arrest because of 3rd degree sexual assault and apparently carried a knife. Despite this, the shooting of Blake seven times is of concern and it is natural for there to be anger and mass protests. Any person would be sympathetic to the ensuing peaceful protests. Enter Cannon Hinnant. Do you know who he is? If not, why not? He was a white 5 yr old boy who was shot dead in August by his neighbour, Darius Sessoms. This incident is more serious than Jacob Blake’s ordeal. Yet I have not seen mass protests nor mass condemnation by activists on the left. Again, the Facebook pages of the activists were silent on this issue. Where was Reverend Al Sharpton to condemn this racist murder? Where was BLM?

Final Score: BAME — 1, White Privilege — 0

It is laughable that many folks on the left maintain that white privilege is a permanent fixture of whiteness despite strides being made by BAME groups who are breaking through the ceiling and reaching a space once occupied by white privilege. I have yet to see a white politician from UK’s Labour Party who can match the intelligence and eruditeness of the Conservative Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, who is originally from Ghana. Their collective white privilege is no match for him. Let’s take Rishi Sunak, who is the current British Finance Minister. His family are Hindus from India and Africa. He is an excellent Finance Minister who had a challenging task to kick-start the British economy during the coronavirus pandemic. He has been in a formidable position to make decisions and develop policies to do exactly that; thereby protecting jobs, livelihoods and businesses in the UK. When I read the transcript of the economic debate in Parliament on 8th July 2020, and compared the detailed plans of Sunak with the comments made by his opposition, Labour’s Annaliese Dodds; the difference was like night and day. Her apparent white privilege came nowhere near Sunak’s intellectual rigour and ability. How should the left deal with this? I consider Sunak to be in a superior (privileged?) position. Dodds is not. Deal with it. Own it.

The RNC Nuclear Blast — 2020

In 2016. I was horrified and disgusted with Trump during the primaries, and I remember the words of Marco Rubio that Trump was not a Conservative. Since Trump’s election I spoke on national radio condemning Trump about four times. Even as recent as 2019, I spent a few minutes on British national radio stating why Trump was a racist and not a Conservative. My discussion with the British radio presenter, Shelagh Fogarty, can be accessed here:

Now compare that discussion with my latest discussion with another British radio presenter, Maajid Nawaz, on 29th August 2020:

One of the big surprises of the Republican National Convention was a list of policies enacted to empower black communities, many of which I heard for the first time during the convention. If anyone should be angry with reams of Trump’s policies designed to help black communities, it is white supremacists. The policies I am referring to are as follows:

1. Increase in jobs creation before COVID-19.

2. Increase in, and permanent funding of black universities. I heard this at the RNC in 2020, when in fact the executive order to enact this funding took place in 2017. I was unaware of this. I just located a video on this executive order here :

3. Reduction in incarcerations through the First Step Act. It was good to see the black grandmother, Alice Johnson, pardoned by Trump and she was one of the speakers at the RNC. Although CNN’s Jake Tapper did state that Trump told 20 lies during his speech, he was open enough to invite Alice Johnson for an interview, and she lauded Trump’s pardon of her crime. Respect to Jake Tapper and CNN!

4. Trump’s staunch pro-Life stance which I wasn’t aware of. He did mention his pro-Life stance in passing during his debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016, but I wasn’t aware of the policies he enacted to reduce abortions. What has this got to do with helping black communities? More black babies are aborted proportionately that white babies in the US. I describe myself as a Conservative ally of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and that everyone should be an ally. I still maintain this despite the rioters and terrorists who have infiltrated this movement. I have no hesitation in pushing back and challenging BLM to change their slogan from ‘BLM’ to ‘ABLM’ (ALL Black Lives Matter). This includes unborn black babies. If there is push-back from feminists and BLM that the right to choose abortions is sacred and that this principle is the pinnacle of civilisation and human greatness; my counter push back would be, ‘WHY don’t ALL black lives matter?’ That’s a debate for another time. Actually no. Let’s debate this now. If this important debate does not take off now, then I expect the next generation to take the mantle. Just as we have been encouraged to have courageous conversations with the older generation about their racism and to call them out at the dinner table, I expect the next generation to have courageous conversations with us and challenge us at dinner table on why we didn’t do anything to correct the most heinous injustices being carried out against innocent lives.

5. The School Choice programme. I heard about this policy about three weeks ago when Condolezza Rice mentioned it. This initiative gives children from poor families, including many black families the chance to go to private schools which parents would choose. This is the ‘pro-choice’ thing I am talking about. I favour this initiative because this is exactly what the UK Conservatives did in the 1990s under Prime Minister John Major through the Assisted Places Scheme; where poor parents of bright children would receive vouchers so that they could send their children to private schools of their choice. Many poor families benefited, including a friend of mine who explained to me how he was helped by the scheme. He is prosperous today. Unfortunately, the Labour Party dismantled the scheme when they came to power in 1997. An absolute travesty, and an attack on poor families. It is good to know that the School Choice programme is getting traction in the US under Trump.

6. Helping black business owners. This was not mentioned in the RNC but I found this video clip from another source (time stamp 7:45)

where Trump offered to help business owners, including a black business owner whose business was destroyed during the protests by thugs and bandits who used the cover BLM’s peaceful protests to enact these wanton acts of violence. It doesn’t help BLM’s cause when one of its own officials, Ariel Atkins, said that burning of businesses is ok because it is payback for slavery and that these companies will receive insurance cheques. BLM as an organisation does NOT advocate violence, which is why they should condemn these incitements to violence. Moreover, I am always amazed how people like Ariel Atkins, Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour have the audacity to deliver veiled criticisms of George Floyd’s family and Bernice King (daughter of Martin Luther King Jnr) and other black folks who have condemned the use of violence. MLK was very clear on why non-violence was the best approach and he won. That the Ariels, Tamikas and Lindas of the far left would shamelessly dare to try to prove MLK wrong, is beyond reprehensible. BLM needs to recognise that it can no longer be held hostage by thugs on the far left (with the help of white supremacists and Antifa agitators who had broken buildings when black protesters pleaded with them to stop). BLM needs to purge these violent agitators so that peaceful protests can actually be peaceful once again.

7. Trump About to Knock out a KKK supporter in 2016. This incident happened, not at the RNC 2020, but at a Trump rally in 2016. Just to put the icing on the cake of the link between white supremacy and Donald Trump, I had heard of David Duke endorsing Trump. I never understood why Trump was silent on the matter, and it compounded my narrative of Trump being in bed with a racist. But I discovered only a few days ago exactly what Trump thinks of the KKK. CNN’s video here shows the clip of a KKK member supporting Trump. Trump eyeballed him and looked like he was about to knock him out WWE style. He even complained why the police did not eject him quickly. I now know what Trump’s views are on David Duke and why he has not condemned him publicly. Why on earth should Trump give Duke the publicity that he does not deserve?

Media to Blame?

I wasn’t aware of the above policies or facts even though I had been watching CNN, CNBC and Al JAzeera for a while. Either I don’t get out much or there really was little coverage of the above-mentioned facts. I have always held CNN with high regard as a formidable broadcaster. I do like to watch Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour. Fox News was taken off the air in the UK in 2017. If I do get access to Fox News videos on Youtube, I would listen to Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson; although I don’t like Carlson’s continuous high carb attacks on the Democrats. It is unfortunate that I had to learn about actual pro-black policies by black speakers at a Republican convention a few years after some of these policies were enacted. Should I blame the media? I don’t know. I don’t like playing the media blame game.

Confusion About Trump

I did watch some of the Democrat National Convention coverage in the week before. It was relatively a good convention with a good line-up of speakers. When I heard Conservative speakers like Colin Powell and John Kaisich speak on the DNC platform, I sympathised with them. But then came the Republican National Convention’s nuclear blast which got me into a head-spin. I still remain unclear on one thing. If Trump’s policies mentioned above have empowered black communities then why are notable doyens of the Republican Party (Powell, Kaisich, Bush, Romney) supporting Biden? Whatever the explanation, I know this. The RNC outdid the DNC by far. I don’t know how to read Trump now. But I know how to read our activist friends on the left and far left. They will hate the black conservative speakers for daring to step out of the Democrat ‘plantation.’ This is misdirected hate and misfiring of anger. These emotions should come from the far-right white supremacists who would be loathing Trump for his pro-black policies, but they are coming from a direction which one would least expect. It shows that racism is alive and well among the far left, especially among its white activists; as well as among white supremacists on the far right.

Confusion About the Democrats and the Left

Whilst I am on the topic of ‘confusion’, let me slip in two things that have been bothering me.

1. The MeToo movement. The experiences of women who were victims of sexual harassment were highlighted a couple of years ago during the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford hearings. There was a movement of women victims to come out and share their painful stories. It was a good cause and I supported its objectives. The Women’s March, led by Linda Sarsour, protested against Kavanaugh and supported Ford. Many will recall Kamala Harris telling Ford, ‘I believe you.’ They will also recall the incident when Linda Sarsour burst into Kavanaugh’s session to protest against him. Two years later when there is a charge of sexual harassment against Joe Biden based on stronger evidence than Christine Ford’s account, stunned silence. Where are the protests now against sexual harassment? Democrats, including Kamala Harris, have dishonoured the MeToo movement and reversed its very good cause and good reputation it built over the last two years.

2. Racism shown by Joe Biden. In another article, I stated that Joe Biden was very clear in his racism when he told black voters that they were not black if they could not decide between Trump and Biden. The racism is as clear as daylight. But I guess Biden is Biden, so the left choose to let him off. During the primaries, Kamala Harris tore into Biden and made a veiled accusation against Biden for supporting segregation, in the context of busing. She was very serious about her charge, only to minimised its impact a year later when she told Stephen Colbert that it was only a ‘debate’.

Here is the confusion. How is it possible for Kamala Harris (and the Democrats), who were quite outspoken and vociferous against Brett Kavanaugh, and equally vicious against Joe Biden’s support of segregationists, only to support an alleged rapist and racist? It seems that principles don’t matter anymore because the quest for power is the end game. They are willing to ditch the MeToo movement and overlook racism within their own ranks when they see the highest office in the land within striking distance. Imagine my disappointment when I learn that the left in the US are exactly a mirror image of the left in the UK. I thought Americans were more sophisticated. Clearly not. I have seen how the left in the UK use BAME people and the feminist narrative to achieve their agenda, only to ditch them when they are no longer needed. Democrats can be better than that.

No Confusion About the History of the Democrats

In the Democrats’ website, the ‘Our History’ section quotes the following statement, ‘For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights, health care, Social Security, workers’ rights, and women’s rights. We are the party of Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, FDR, and the countless everyday Americans who work each day to build a more perfect union.I had a slight smile. Their history seems to start from the early 20th Century. So what happened to the previous 100 years? Democrats was the party of slavery, segregation, lynching and the KKK. The party of Jim Crow and Stephen Douglas. Why isn’t the abolition of slavery a part of the history of the Democrats? Because they did not abolish it, they supported it. I only discovered this fact as recently as 2018 when I thought I had sussed out American politics. If I was in the dark for so long after I became ‘aware’ of American politics during the Bush-Dukakis Presidential Election in 1988, then how many more young Democrats are living in ignorance? The Democrats website will not fully furnish their 200-year history. Their history starts from the 20th Century and the previous sordid period has been magically erased. Their new narrative is that Donald Trump is the racist, a view which I shared until recently.

A magnificent defence of slavery was put forward by Stephen Douglas during the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858. Douglas’s arguments was from a ‘pro-choice’ perspective (sounds familiar?). The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln and abolitionists. It was created for the sole purpose of abolishing slavery and campaigned in subsequent civil rights movements. black lives were the foundation of the Republican Party, which is why they fought the Democrats to abolish it, and won. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for it by a Confederate/Democrat. Although Trump mentioned Lincoln in his RNC speech, he missed out the crucial element of the foundation of the Republican Party. Even if things go wrong for the Republicans, they have a proud history and a strong foundation to build on. Democrats don’t. That will never change.

Some Good Policies of the Democrats

As a reasonable Conservative, I don’t dismiss everything Democrat. If I were American, I would have voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 because I could not stand Trump, based on misplaced stereotypes I held. I agree with the Democrats on their policy on universal healthcare. Hillary Clinton tried to develop a health service that was free for all Americans. That ended in failure because of recalcitrant politicking from the Republicans. All political parties in the UK support the British Health Service (NHS) which is a universal healthcare system. Despite pressures on the NHS, its service is first class and is our national treasure. I am surprised that the most powerful and advanced nation on earth doesn’t have universal healthcare although it has universal education.

I also agree with their stance on gun control and restricting access. The British/European countries do not allow carrying of guns, even by the police (except for the armed units), Americans do. There is clearly a cultural difference which is directing me more towards the Democrat stance on guns.

The Hope of a Civil Discourse

As I witness the genesis of a civil war inside the US after the murder of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake, it is incumbent upon Trump and Biden to use their positions of power to try and unite the country rather than play the divisive politics which has been plaguing America. I was very interested in the actual policies that Trump had implemented for black America which I hadn’t heard about before. During the upcoming Presidential debates, the trump card that Trump should be playing is the focus on actual achievements for the economy, black employment (pre-COVID), funding of black universities, reduce incarcerations of black prisoners etc. because this is the only platform which voters will get to hear about these policies. The main media outlets will not shout about them, and Democrats will do everything they can to put a lid on these concrete achievements. Instead, they may focus on Trumps mishandling of the pandemic, they will surely blame the riots and anarchy on the office of the presidency, and will focus on embarrassing gaffs made by Trump. Biden has been sounding out these diversionary tactics by blaming Trump for riots in Portland and Minneapolis but did not bother blaming Obama for the Baltimore riots in 2015. Work that one out. Trump is too volatile to stick with concrete policies during Presidential debates. Hence, I think that both septuagenarians will be comparing their dick sizes more than anything else. Biden will attack Trump’s volatile personality and numerous silly statements he made. Trump will exploit Biden’s cognitive decline. America won’t be great at that moment in time.

More traction might be observed during the Vice-Presidential debate. This will be of interest because I know about Kamala Harris’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to policies and principles, but I know very little about Mike Pence. Could he land a surprise in the same way the RNC 2020 did? Let’s wait and see. I hope they display the same level of civility I saw between Dick Cheney and Joe Liberman during the Vice Presidential debate in 2000.

I have to retract the accusation of racism against Trump which I made over the last few years. Actions speak louder than words. And his actions that helped back communities, resounded. Nevertheless, Trump remains an enigma. But Black Lives Matter remains a bigger enigma because they refuse to call out violent protesters who hide behind its good name and peaceful message, and refuse to condemn blatant anti-white racism and abortion of black babies (ALL black lives matter….remember? If you don’t agree then you have no right to call out the older generation at the dinner table, for their past racism).

Black Lives Matter — Black Breakthrough Matters More

I say again. I am a Conservative ally of Black Lives Matter, but I am running on fumes. It is inspirational leaders like Donovan Livingston which makes me remain an ally. I first came across Livingston a few days ago when his graduation speech at Harvard University came into my timeline. In fact, he gave his speech in 2016 but I only saw it recently by accident. It was the BEST speech I heard since George Floyd’s death. No other politician nor activist has been able to inspire the way he did four years ago. His power of oration and use of poetry to light fires in the hearts of people was amazing. I told my 9 yr old daughter to finish her dinner quickly so that I could show his speech to her. Everyone should listen to his wise words and moments of inspiration. He is a part of BLM, but his peaceful, yet powerful messages are drowned out by the violence of thugs and rioters who have hijacked BLM.

Donovan Livingston Speech — Harvard 2016:

Other inspirational speeches by inspirational black speakers from Harvard are listed below.

- Jonathan Roberts Speech — Harvard 2017

- Eunice Mwabe Speech — Harvard 2019

Welcome to ‘Black Breakthrough,’ where white privilege is only a mirage. Whilst everyone should remember the injustices against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery etc. and bring police officers to justice, Black America should never be solely linked with slavery, racism and police brutality. This paints a false narrative that their future will always be in chains. BAME people are breaking through the stereotypes by achieving successes. The only groups whose interest it serves to keep the stereotype of constant racism and brutality of blacks, are the left. It is easier to control the masses when they are in a state of rage, anger and shock. I am beginning to see what the black Republican speakers meant when they said they have broken out of the Democrat plantation and have become free thinkers. There is still hope. The American Nightmare can end and the American Dream can reboot.

My parting message to Donovan Livingstone is this, ‘reach the stars brother and let your words of peace, courage and hope, purge the gaslighting of America. You are America’s last hope Mr. Future President.



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Hasan Imam

Born in Bangladesh and living in the UK. A Conservative who has stood for Parliament. Dialogue and polite debate are the only vaccines to detoxify conversations